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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I go away for a year and look what happens.

What the fuck, people? The net is getting censored, they're almost set to be able to imprison all of you without a reason, and cops are beating up people for exercising their constitutional rights to protest the shithole the government has dug for us.

Time to wake the fuck up, stand the fuck up, and do something the fuck about it.

These people who have been participating in the may or may not agree with their seeming lack of direction, BUT AT LEAST THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING.
Do you really wanna stand back and let Uncle Sam keep jamming a bigger and bigger dildo up your ass or do you want to say enough is enough?
Stand up for yourself and for the country you love, while you still have the right to do so.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spelling something out.

I am often asked: "What on earth does anyone stand to gain from keeping the American people from being able to live happy and healthy lives? Wouldn't that cost votes for the people in charge?" Also: "Why would congress cock block the president like that, don't they all want what's best for us?"

Some of you are probably laughing pretty hard at those questions. But, a lot of people do not truly understand how this all works. Unfortunately, what you learn in school about how government works is more an explanation of how its supposed to work rather than how it actually does.

So, I don't care if this is tl; it and learn something.

We'll start with the last question first, as its the easiest to answer.
They talk so much shit on him and block his plans so often because he actually does have American interests at heart.

OK, I heard that "wtf" from I'll explain by answering the other questions.

America is not actually run by our government officials...its run by the corporations that pay them the most. These largely include: Banks, Oil Companies, Insurance Firms, and the like. People like you and me don't mean a lot in the long run as far as political popularity, The ones with the "best" corporate interests in mind will get into office save for an occasional fluke. (IE: Obama defeating McCain because of a choice in running mate that I would chalk up to elderly dementia, a story for another time perhaps)
If you sit back and look at the changes Obama has been trying to make to help the country get back on its feet, most of them help the American People at cost to several of those big corporations I mentioned previously. These people will do whatever they have to to hold on to their money and those congressmen that they paid so much to see get into office to look out for their interests jump to action. They spread bullshit about the plans (Like that Death Council nonsense over Obamacare), they block or delay the bills, they insist on things being added to the bills that gimp their ability to to what they're intended for, etc. Anything to ensure that they stay in office and that the money keeps flowing.

Now, yes, these bills cost big corporations a lot of money. But, with that being said, these are people that make more in a day than you probably make in a year...and I don't care how posh your job is. And that money comes from ripping people off which is what Obama is trying to end. Its gone on for too damned long and something needs to be done about it.

So...step back, look at the big picture. Its not actually as hard to see as you may think. I know average American intelligence has gone way down in recent times and a lot of us have become gullible enough to believe what we're told. But don't be a sheep...think for your damned selves and you'll be a better person for it.