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Saturday, August 25, 2012


When I started this wordy, ranty thing awhile back I had a head full of fuck and a wallet full of nothing. I thought that this might be a good way to fix one or both of those problems. I thought that the things I said on here were more or less common sense and was more or less saying things for the sake of saying them out loud (so to speak). As I've observed and heard lately, not that I didn't already know this to some extent, is that common sense died years ago. We are a society that believes whatever we see on TV no matter how absurd the claim. I'm amazed at how fast we forget things that happened in the last few years in favor of the history that's being re-written to keep us in check. Take our current president for instance. My, how quickly we blame him for EVERYTHING his predecessor fucked up. Amazing how we'll turn a blind eye to his opposing party in congress blocking EVERYTHING he's tried to do to fix the problems that we're trying to blame him for. This is all a fucking game to these people. News flash: They don't give any number of fucks about you. The better part of people that run for the presidency don't do it for you or for the good of the country, or to make a difference. They do it purely for selfish reasons. The problem here is that I think we finally voted for the right guy...that guy we've all said we wished would come along and take care of all of this stupidity we deal with in our government. We responded by destroying him publicly to the point that he'll never get to show us what he could have done. As for the percentage of you that say what you say about him because of his race, (and you fucking KNOW who you are) grow the fuck up. Its 2012 and we live in a country where all races have equal rights. He's an American citizen and deserves the right to be where he is just the same as your backwards asses. I don't know how often you'll be hearing from me, but know this: I'm back, I'm unmedicated, I'm pissed, and you fuckers haven't heard the last of me. This blog is gonna get honest and you're not gonna like it. Hugs and kisses -______________

Friday, February 10, 2012

The game is afoot, my friends

Governments and corporations around the world are stepping up their game. This year is probably going to be the fight of our lives to retain our freedoms. Strap in kiddies, its gonna be a wild ride!