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Friday, September 24, 2010

An uncomfortable thought

A known technique used in breaking prisoners in some countries entails forcing them to frequently change their sleeping schedules as well as often changing their day to day routine for no reason in order to keep them off balance and controllable.  If their tired and confused, they can't put up much of a fight and are more likely to submit and just do what their told.

Odd, sounds like some of the retail jobs I've worked before.


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  2. makes sence
    i always heard when they take prisoners out of "the hole" where they've been in total darkness for days\weeks, they have the lights SUPER BRIGHT, so they can't see, and get all discombobulated...i always think that when i see a movie during the daytime, and walk out, i can't see anything, my eyes start watering, etc...

  3. brrrr.....makes me thing of the the chineese drop torture.

    May The Force Be With You!

  4. defintely an uncomfortable thought...

  5. very true - had this done to me!! It works - and no, never been to prison - military

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  7. Sleep deprivation has some serious adverse effects you would never think of, such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

  8. Sounds just like what I go through every day lol I never get to sleep on a regular schedule.

  9. isn't depriving people from sleep considered torture?