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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why we're doomed

Ever wonder why nothing ever gets accomplished in our government?

Right now the repubs and the dems are so busy fighting with each other like little kids just because their on opposing teams rather than true disagreement with the issues at hand and don't even get me started on the Tea Party bullshit (that's another article altogether).

The people we vote for and support, the people we believe in every election year, the people who's paychecks we might as well be signing ourselves aren't doing their jobs at all and instead are bickering amongst each other.

If this were you or me, we'd be fired without ceremony.

I suppose the moral of this is that you should stand for what you believe in morally and work towards the greater good , but there really isn't much left in the way of morals in our capitol. Personal interests, power, and the almighty dollar (which ironically, isn't all that mighty these days) are the only things driving these assholes.

Welcome to America...One Nation Under Them.


  1. Politics suck. Doing things according to my morals has worked for me so far, why stop now?

  2. Its the same EVERYWHERE, people with the power want more, everyone else seems content with being stepped on by their leaders, shame really with the current state of the world..

  3. it's because for some reason we elect politicians to do things that economists, mathematicians, and scientists should be doing

  4. I think you're right, but I still think America is a great. Sure you have some things you need to do better, but overall you are a great country.
    Sincerely Danish blogger.