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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it just me...

...or is all hell breaking loose lately. There's a mess with Korea (which could easily turn into a mess with China if not dealt with very carefully), the republican party refusing to let any bills pass unless a tax break for the wealthy is voted on, and this Wikileaks fiasco that proves that Interpol can invent charges to bring you in when they feel you've crossed a line that hasn't been defined (which is something I'm quite surprised that more people aren't outraged over).

Grab a helmet and strap in boys and girls, I think we're in for quite a ride.


  1. WWIII is on the way lol but ya shit has been hitting the fan but the media does a good job of making it seem like its not a big deal

  2. the world is so corrupt we need a huge change

  3. I think thing have always been like this. We just pay a lot more attention these days because of things like the Internet. Or maybe things really are getting worse?