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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Does it bother anyone else that with all the crap going on in the world right now, most of the populace of the US cannot get over the debate over whether our president is a Muslim (which he's not) and was born in the US (which he was). It seems that every day at least one major news medium has a story proving, disproving, refuting, or correcting one of these questions.

So...putting it lightly...WHO GIVES A FUCK?

To be completely honest, he doesn't have all that much power because of the Repubs (and even some of his own party)working against him and with the mess left by the jackass that preceded him none of our problems are going to get fixed overnight or easily. In other words, blame the whole machine...its all broken.

tl;dr There are way more important things in your life to worry about than the president's lineage/religion. Neither of these should matter in a cultural melting pot founded on freedom of religious choice, anyway.


  1. Obama is an incompetent president and a persuader of stupid people.

  2. doesent mean hes not a genuis, he IS improving our education system for a better income for america...

  3. cool post bro!!:)
    Welcome to Italy!

  4. I normally don't deal with foreign politics but you have a point..

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  5. "So...putting it lightly...WHO GIVES A FUCK?"
    Words full of wisdom!!!!!!!

  6. this is exactly the reason that i'm not interested in politics. its all a bunch of bullshit.