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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Think ACTA is bad?

Then check this puppy out:

And you know what, it'll pass. People will complain, protest, email congressmen, demonstrate, and who knows what else...and it will still pass.

Democracy is a joke and freedom is a LIE.
Any way they can find to take it away from you, they will. Unfortunately with piracy being what it is its not a problem to pass a law like this and even if there were difficulty, they'll wave the "combating terrorism" flag about and the sheep will jump onboard singing laments of 9/11.

They're doing their damnedest to take your freedom away. Freedom that this country was FOUNDED on, but we haven't had in a long, LOOOOOOONG time. Freedom that is your fucking RIGHT as a living creature.

A change is necessary and unless we all stand up and say "Bullshit!" in one voice, things will keep going just as they are and we'll never be any more than the slaves we continue to be day after day.

So, in closing, to quote something of our pop culture that rings very true:
A man chooses, A slave obeys.
Which, I ask, are you?


  1. man, what the fuck is happening to the world?

  2. Fight the power!, good blog post man.

  3. very good quote, makes you think

  4. ACTA is bad. no questions asked; it's a fact :|

  5. What, this is the kind of things that make me angry

  6. ACTA is only the first step in controlling the masses and taking away our true freedom. I've read many topics about net neutrality... there's some disturbing stuff indeed :/

  7. sadly, 'grassroots' means next to nothing anymore...

  8. I hope common sense prevails.

    What am I saying...

  9. makes you think. acta sucks anyways

  10. "Democracy is a joke and freedom is a LIE. "
    I totally agree with this. Society is completely run by the powerful. Freedom is out of our hands at this point.

  11. I called it! I fucking called that Bioshock reference! ahahaha.

    Damn, that's some heavy shit bro. It's really disappointing how the world is coming closer and closer to the Brave New World/1984 society. I honestly think we'll get a melding of the two, and it'll be even worse.